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Cycling Tips

Sharing The Road

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Turning Tricks

1. Positioning for turns 

  • Before a turn: scan, signal and move into the lane that leads to your destination  
  • Ride in the right third or middle of the lane, as lane width dictates  
  • To traverse multiple lanes, move one at a time, scanning and signaling each move 

    2. Avoid turn lanes  
  • If your lane turns into a right-turn-only lane, change lanes before the intersection  
  • Changing lanes too late could result in an overtaking motorist turning in front of you  
  • Maintain a constant position relative to the curb or shoulder during a turn 

    3. Beware of blind spots  
  • Most drivers do not always expect to see cyclists on the roadway  
  • Do not ride next to another vehicle unless you are in a different lane or passing  
  • If you can't see bus, truck or car mirrors, drivers can't see you 

    4. Signaling  
  • Signal well before the intersection; make sure you are in the proper lane position  
  • Left arm out and down with palm to the rear to indicate stopping  
  • Left or right arm straight out to indicate left or right turn 

    5. Scan  
  • Look for potential hazards in front and behind as well as to each side  
  • Scanning allows you to avoid dangerous situations 
  • Scan for motorists, road conditions, pedestrians, animals, traffic signals

    Tip courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists (
  • Sharing The Road

    <<<(FAQ 7 of 11)>>>