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Cycling Tips

Fit & Comfort

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For Optimum Comfort, Check Your Handlebars

One way to get a ballpark idea what width handlebars will work best is to measure the span between your shoulder blades. Have your spouse or a friend hold a yardstick against your back and take a reading.

Measure Your Shoulders
Drop handlebars come in sizes ranging from about 38-cm to 44-cm wide and you select by matching the width of your shoulders. So, if the distance between your Drop handlebars (also called dropped).shoulder blades is 42-cm, that's what the handlebar width should be, measured from the center of one end to the center of the other end. Some manufacturer's measure from outside-to-outside, so check with us if you're not sure which bar size to purchase.

Improve Breathing And Control
The right bar width will provide comfort and increased efficiency because you'll be able to breathe better. It's especially noticeable if you've been using too-narrow a drop handlebar and you climb frequently. You'll appreciate additional leverage, too, whenever you stand.

Adjusting Flat Bars
For flat handlebars, width has more to do with riding preferences. The cool thing is, we can cut down Flat handlebars.handlebars that are too wide, meaning you won't have to replace yours if they don't feel right. Usually, riders who enjoy demanding, technical trails appreciate a little additional width (24 to 27 inches), especially if they're using dual-suspension frames. All-round riders prefer a more standard width of about 22 inches.

Try Bar Ends
Remember that you can change the feel of a flat handlebar and give yourself some room to stretch out by installing bar ends. These are also excellent for climbing because they give you a great pulling position and move your body weight forward (when you're gripping the bar ends), which helps keep the front end down on the steep stuff.

Try Higher Bars
Riser bars are also available, which are models that slope upwards on the ends to provide less bend in your back when you lean forward to grab the grips. Many off-roaders find that risers are just the ticket for a more comfortable Riser handlebars.position. They're also typically a bit wider than flat bars to provide additional leverage, which is helpful on technical terrain.

Try "High-Rise" Handlebars
There are also handlebars designed for more leisurely riding, which you'll find on cruisers and city bikes. These are sometimes called "sweep," "high-rise," "comfort" or "cruiser" bars, and they'll raise your riding position the most.

Fit & Comfort

<<<(FAQ 9 of 10)>>>