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Cycling Tips

Sharing The Road

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Always Ride On The Right

One of the leading causes of cycling accidents is wrong-way riding. Here's why it's so dangerous and why you should always ride in the same direction as traffic:

1. Expectations   

  • Motorists expect to find other traffic on the right side of the road      
  • At intersections, motorists look where they expect traffic      
  • Motorists assume that you can see lights and signs that dictate traffic behavior 

    2. Laws      
  • In all 50 states, the laws require that you ride on the right, with the flow of traffic      
  • Disobeying traffic control devices in any direction is illegal      
  • Even on one-way streets where you can ride on either side, go with traffic 

    3. Turning      
  • Making a turn requires a wrong-way cyclist to cross twice as much traffic for turns      
  • Cyclists must be able to see traffic control devices at intersections      
  • Turning motorists aren't looking for traffic traveling in the wrong direction   

    4. Closing speed      
  • Riding 20mph into a car going 35mph is like hitting a wall at 55mph      
  • Motorists overtake wrong-way cyclists much faster  
  • The likelihood of surviving such a crash is low 

    5. Traffic control devices      
  • Traffic lights are impossible to read from the wrong side      
  • If you don't know where traffic is going, you increase your chance of getting hit      
  • Not obeying traffic controls destroys order on the roadway

    Tip courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists (
  • Sharing The Road

    <<<(FAQ 3 of 11)>>>